Acoustic performance, The open air, ‘Slottuin Theatre Zeist’ August, 1997

Music was always an instrument, a voice in my head that haunted me day and night… Even when I was at school, or in company with other people, the music traveled with me… In my early childhood, in the 80s, I taught myself to play the drums and even when I was not behind the kit, the music was a kind of phantom that was with me all the time…

In the 90s I started eventually with the guitar and from that moment, everything went its own way… I started to write songs. Music is always a vehicle to be able to understand life itself… A life without music, will not work… My guitar was always my travel mate. Even when I was not able to play on it, it was just a nice companion to me.

Today, being accompanied by other instruments, where I also play drums, bass and keyboards, to orchestrate my music around my guitar parts. So I can write, play, record whatever I feel. I do not have to depend on someone else. I need to do what comes from the source.

A lyric, a melody line, a standard with chords… A rhythmical arrangement… Music will always haunt me down… Even when I don’t want to play…

I can’t imagine a life without music. I really don’t know what to do without it.