Acoustic performance, The open air, ‘Slottuin Theatre Zeist’ August, 1997

Music started to take shape in my early child years… The electrical guitar at my uncle’s place in the 80’s, the drums I’ve taught myself to play… the busking bands in the streets of Amsterdam, also in the 80’s astonished me every time. The sounds and rhythms on the radio that made me craving for more. I could remember a lot, were I recorded a lot of music on tape, just to keep with me so I could actually teleport myself to another universe.

In the early days, music was always a mean to escape from the reality. Those were hard days when I was young. My guitar was the only steady and constant pivot point in my daily life. Others would crave to the abuse of substances. Music is always my own means of substance. It enriches me every time. In the 90’s there were eventually circumstances I had not much access to sources for more music. Finally, it made me to create that music myself… If you have no way to listen to records or the radio… to stay inspired. Then you should find a way to do it your own. And that is where the journey started…
Writing songs, sing them myself and playing other instruments to orchestrate them all my myself gives me total control over my own life.

In a meantime I taught myself to play the bass, drums and keyboards. Why do I play the guitar today? (and the other instruments) Why? Because of the joy of playing.

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