My new release(es)

Today is the day! Another piece of work that comes to life!

This album is a special one for me, because in this ‘Cinematography’ project, dedicated myself to break with old pain from the past that kept me grounded. More guitar, more vocals and certainly more lyrics. Although the first idea it was meant to be an album with instrumental pieces. But it didn’t go that way. Which I’m glad I did so.

I needed the darkness to overcome it and reach for the light… Sometimes you need the darkness to overgrow it and live in the light. I had a lot of creative ammunition to work with. And off course I played the instruments myself. A deep cherished wish since I’ve started playing the guitar in the early 90s.

With this project, I’ve made officially not one, but actually two albums, because I had a lot of musical inspiration and material that has been recorded. So, today I released a second product called ‘Song’s in the afternoon’ as well.

Songs in the afternoon is actually a number of songs that have been left over from the Cinematography project.

In the early days I’ve worked on my first, triphop project called: “Gerobeat” that was in the period of 2003-2012. But I’m not that anymore and play a way different type of genre today.

Between 2013 and the present day, I made (in a very limited way) some new pieces. During those years I suffered a severe type of a writer’s block. But I overcame it and it brought me productivity instead.

All of this work you can listen on all internet platforms. So, I would like to invite you to join this journey. I hope it may resonate with you. More work in the close future is in the making.

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